Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Pictures and a Few Thoughts

It's been said that parenting consists of really long days and short years.  Back when I was home on maternity leave with Caroline I thought that there would be no way that the days would eventually fly by.  After all, she was colicky and not sleeping.  Little did I know that the years would fly by.

After Owen was born, I tried my best to sit back and soak in all of the baby memories.  I had learned from my experience with baby-Caroline that all too quickly babies grow and cuddling comes less and less.

So how is it even possible that I have a six year old and a two year old?  

Both should still be little babies that need to be rocked and held.

Instead they are running wild, learning new things every day.

I know that someday soon I will look back and miss the loudness, the messes, and the craziness that comes with childhood.  My house will be clean, the couch cushions crumb-less, and the kitchen floor spotless.

I'll look back and think of how endearing the finger smudges on windows were.  
Of how sweet the spilled glasses of milk were. 

Each stage of my kids have been 'my favorite'.  And this current one is no exception.  I would love to freeze time and keep them six and two forever.

However, next year when they're seven and three I'm sure that I'll say the same thing.  That's the thing about parenting, I suppose.

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