Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm a FlyLady

Have you heard of FlyLady yet?  It's a website all about organizing and cleaning your house.  It's way cooler than how I make it sound.  Basically it's all about doing a little bit every day so that your house doesn't get out of control.  One area of my house that has gotten out of control (well, it bugs me anyway) is my coat closet.  How can one small family have so much stuff?!  So, I followed my FlyLady and spent only about 15 minutes cleaning it.  Here's the before photo.
And here's the after.  I donated four of my old coats, plus a box of hats and mittens.  Don't worry mom, I still have plenty of winter weather gear for my family!  You should definately check out FlyLady.  It's amazing!

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