Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Eggs 2013

Happy Easter! 
It hardly seems like it's time for my favorite holiday, but it'll be here in just a few days.  Egg coloring at our house can be a little hit or miss.  Caroline likes dipping eggs in all of the colors, so they all end up kind of brown.  Not the most festive!
But I saw how you can use shaving cream or whipped cream to help color eggs and thought we'd try it.  Originally it was shaving cream, but then I read about how egg shells can be porous and how whipped cream would be better.  So first I hard boiled a dozen eggs.  (12 is about all we can handle with our attention span)

I put some cool whip a couple of inches deep in a Tupperware container.  Then I squirted a few dots of food coloring in it.  (I use gel food coloring, but I'm sure that the regular liquid would work just as well).  Caroline then took a toothpick (could also use a Popsicle stick) and swirled it around. 

I then placed the egg in the goo and Caroline rolled it around with a large spoon.  She really enjoyed this part, and would take her time getting each egg to look just right.  I ended up using two tubs of Cool Whip, which was about right, but a third would have allowed for a little more creativity with colors.  And it seemed like I got a fresh container and cool whip for every third egg.

I scooped the egg with a little of the cool whip and put it in a pan to dry.  I refrigerated the eggs for about 3 hours before I went to work on them.  I wiped the dye and goo off of each took a lot of paper towels, but I was surprised how easy it was.  On Pinterest, it says that the longer the dye sits on the egg, the brighter the color was. 

Voila!  A dozen eggs dyed and ready for Easter!  This was a great project for my crafty little girl - she enjoyed every step and can hardly believe how beautiful her eggs turned out!

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