Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Royal Icing - new and improved!

My little helper trying her hand at royal icing

If you remember from my past posts, I love using royal icing to decorate cookies.  I think they look so sharp and after they dry they can be packaged and the icing doesn't get dented in or smeary (two of my least favorite things).  Here's a link to my new favorite royal icing recipe.  Sweet Sugar Belle is amazing! 
Also, here's a peek at the cookies I made for our church's annual bazaar. 
Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Snowflake Frosting

Chocolate Waffle Cookies


  1. I want a chocolate waffle cookie right now! One of my favorite things about Gibbs Christmas. And your Chocolate Sugar cookies are beautiful.

  2. I wish you could drive over...i'd make some cookies just for you Georgie!