Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Confession

Tomorrow will be the first time I've ever hosted a Thanksgiving.  I'm a little nervous to get the two turkey breasts fully cooked (only because I've never done anything like that before).  But I'm not at all worried about anything else.  Due to my extreme Type A-ness (be careful how you say it!!) I of course over planned! 

A couple of weeks ago I planned the menu and then last week I wrote out what needed to be done each day leading up to Turkey Day so that Thursday isn't quite to hectic. 

For instance, Monday I got out my serving dishes and labeled what was going to go in each. 

And I got my buffet ready.  I'm planning on using this to hold the beverages and desserts.

I'll be back with a full run down on the meal and if I would recommend any of the new recipes!

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