Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Road Trip 1

Last weekend we loaded into the mini-van in search of an adventure.  We headed north to Brookings to check out the Children's Museum.  We've heard great things about the space and decided to check it out for ourselves.

Owen enjoyed his time there too.  But he can't wait until he's a little bigger so he can play!

Caroline loved it all, except the dinosaur space outdoors.  Here she's telling us to be careful and stay away.

In Caroline's defense, the T Rex does look real and it moves and makes noises...

Lots of time was spent playing in the store.

 Let's not forget to pick eggs!
Caroline's favorite room was the art room.  In there she got to don an apron and paint on a window. 

I think Nate's favorite room was the water room.  Lot's of gadgets to move water!

Checking for mail while she worked in the post office. 

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  1. that place is seriously SOOOO fun!! going to have to stop there when i come back in a few weeks :)