Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation (recap)

We've just gotten back from an extra-long week with my parents. I had all of these lofty dreams of taking all sorts of photos (after all my family and the scenery are extremely photogenic). 
Alas, I only took one photo in nine days. Big time failure!!
We took the kids to Storybook Park in Aberdeen  and I snapped the kids sitting on the cement horses. I think I've taken multiple photos of Caroline on these through the years so I guess it's only fitting to continue this with both kids. 
Even though only one physical photo was taken we got tons of mental pictures... Me doing 4-H cattle chores and teaching Caroline how to do them, celebrating my beautiful grandma's 80th birthday, mowing the yard, visiting historic Fort Sisseton, and hanging with distant relatives at a family reunion. 
Yes lots of memories made...just not a lot of actual proof!

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