Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Room - After

About a month ago, I showed pictures of our guest room before I started working on it.  You can find the photos here.  The room was definitely one of my least favorite in the house.  So, I started sprucing it up. 
First thing to go was the carpet.  It was old and showed every little piece of lint and fuzz.  We found the new carpet at Lowe's, and the price was right!
I went to at local store here in Sioux Falls that sells discounted (cheap) old hotel furniture.  There are some pretty old and dated things there, but I found a cool arched headboard.  Since there was a scratch in it, they knocked $10 off.  Love it - especially since I planned on upholstering it anyway! 
After picking up some fabric, I went to work making a valance to hide the old blinds.  

Using some batting and fabric I was able to staple the new headboard together.  Nate was more than happy to help hang it on the wall!  I used the extra fabric to make a couple of pillows to help decorate the white bedding.

We hung the mirror that came with the side table.

So much better!

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  1. love sprucing things up! now you're all ready for guests :) looks great!