Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Spray Park

Yep, I was THAT mom that forgot to pack a swimsuit for the spray park...but I had an extra outfit in the van!
As the end of summer quickly approaches, the cool mornings are a reminder that fall isn't too far off, we are trying to take full advantage of all there is to do outside.

The Spray Park in Sioux Falls was a fun adventure.  Caroline loved much in fact that she didn't even notice the three cop cars and ambulance that came to the next door basketball court.  Yep, she has having THAT much fun!

Owen was enjoying having the breeze go through his hair.  The top of his 'do is incredibly long so he has a comb-over.  Watching it get caught in the breeze reminded me of an old man.  Still, he is adorable!

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  1. looks like a great park!! sioux falls is such a great city! hope you guys are all well...looks like you're enjoying your new surroundings :)