Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paint Your Toes

My girlfriend Alicia (miss you and your family!) started a weekly challenge called the Happy Day Project.  The goal is to do one little thing each week to bring joy/happiness.  I've been secretly doing these challenges, but this is the first time that I'm blogging about it.  The challenge was to Paint Your Toes.  It sounds simple, and each year at the start of spring I swear that THIS year I won't get chipped toenails.  But, usually by about May 1st, my feet are a mess.

Last week for my sister's wedding we splurged and went for pedicures.  Loved not only the pampering of my tootsies, but spending time with my sister.  This totally brought joy to my week!  And two days later even more joy was brought to our family when she got married.  Seriously, isn't she gorgeous?!


  1. Love that! And what a gorgeous wedding dress and hairpiece! So happy for you for a great week :)

  2. wow!!! what a beautiful dress!! happy for you it was a great time :) thanks for linkin up!!