Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If you've been following my blog this summer you've noticed that I'm doing Alicia's Happy Day Project.  It's basically doing one little thing to make yourself happy. 

Up until now, it's been completely do-able.  But it's almost like she's been in our house and seen the blah vanilla walls when she challenged us to "Fluff Up Your House".  She is the best decorator around and I wish we lived closer (NC is toooooo far away!) so she could help me with this.
When we moved in (almost three months ago) I was in survival mode.  It was a "unpack the boxes before we have a baby" type of mode.  Consequently there are very few things hung on the walls.  Well, it has bugged me long enough!  Here are the before photos. 

Ignore the baby and the mess on the table...
Can you say boring cream walls?!

Pretty boring and blah huh?!  I haven't actually 'fluffed' anything in the house yet, but I did go out and buy six different types of curtains to add some color to the walls.  I'm not sure what I'm going to go with yet.  But it's my July goal to have a decorated house!  Thanks Alicia for giving me the umph to get this done!


  1. oh do i know it takes a long time to get settled! throw in a baby in there and it's gonna take 10x as'll get it done. the inspiration will strike! get your hammer and start hangin!

  2. Be sure to post finished pictures. I'd love to see!

  3. Oh, Golly...a new place AND a baby in the mix! I am impressed that you are sane! It will come in time...enjoy your self.