Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A promise and snow free days

Okay, so I know that I now have at least one loyal reader. Sorry Kate for the long delay in posts. Between moving, vacationing, pregnancy, etc, I've completely neglected this blog. Since it's February 1st, my goal this month is to post something every day. (granted it's a short month)

A few weeks ago, before we had any snow I remembered to bring my camera with me during one of our trips outdoors.

I love the fact that it was January and were able to play tennis/fetch with my brother's dog, Count.

Laying (or is it lying...) in the grass looking at the clouds has never been more fun either.

I am so thankful that while Caroline was in daycare she learned to pump her legs to swing. It is so much easier now! (worth every daycare dollar too)


  1. you HAVE been busy, girlie :) i cannot believe the winter you're having!! crazy! and YES! you can visit us...anytime!

  2. I still read! :) Hasn't this winter been crazy? Caroline probably wouldn't have been swinging a year ago!

    PS - my bog moved! If you click on my profile here you should be able to find it.