Monday, November 7, 2011

Lefse Day 2011

Each year, my dad's family (who are quite Swedish) get together for one day to make lefse for the upcoming holiday season. Growing up, this day was shrowded in mystery...
This year, since I'm now at home with Caroline every day, I asked if I could come and watch how lefse was made. I had every intention of standing in the background and watching how this time honored tradition is made. Instead, my cousin Kari (also a lefse newbie) and I were thrown into the kitchen.
I tried my hand at rolling out the potato pastry into very thin rounds. Caroline also got to try her hand at rolling.
Next was cooking it on the griddle. It was a little tricky rolling it out on the griddle without it tearing, but by the end, I got the hang of it.
I truly feel blessed to have been part of a little piece of Ogren tradition!

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