Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe that it's already the end of October. Seriously, where did the month go? Here's one more fun activity that Caroline and I did to celebrate Halloween. Caroline was almost to young to do this snack/dessert. She lasted a couple of Nutterbutter cookie dips. She enjoyed putting the slivered almond "toenails" on the cookies. I bet you can't tell the ones that she took creative liberties with!
Witch Feet/Goblin Feet
found in the latest Disney's Family Fun magazine
1 package Nutterbutters
1 package green candy melts
1/2 package slivered almonds
Melt candy melts. Dip cookies in and lay on waxed paper. Put almonds on cookies to resemble finger/toe nails. Let dry and enjoy!

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