Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh My Cupcakes!

Over the weekend we went to Sioux Falls to visit family. But of course a little extra dose of fun had to be thrown too. I had seen Oh My Cupcakes! website, and knew that someday we'd have to visit. This gourmet cupcake shop should seriously be on every one's 'must visit' list!
From the moment you walk in you are greeted with the glorious sugary-sweet aroma of cupcakes. There were over a dozen varieties. It was very difficult choosing. Luckily, they have two sizes - regular and mini. So we were able to pick a few mini-cupcakes to share.
We tried Cotton Candy, Razz My Berries, Lemon Drop, and Brunette. Caroline was all about the Cotton Candy cupcake. Well actually she was all about the frosting and sprinkles! I thought each cupcake cake had great flavor. Seriously the raspberry cupcake was unreal! If you're in Sioux Falls and looking for a fun treat you should really try Oh My Cupcakes!
Although there is plenty of in-store seating, we decided to take our treats to Falls Park - hence the name Sioux Falls. Caroline had never been to this park, and it's really changed since Nate and I lived there. We were able to walk around, go across the bridge, and climb (okay ride the elevator) to the observation tower. What a great way to spend the afternoon.


  1. My cousin works there and we were lucky enough for her to bring some to a family reunion. DEVINE!

  2. ummmm, i want a cupcake now :)