Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Perfect Iced Coffee

It's no secret, I love to drink coffee. I used to think only 'old people' drank it in the afternoon, but I now find myself craving a little caffeine fix during this time. Certainly this doesn't mean that I'm getting older, does it? Anyway, I saw a recipe for Iced Coffee on The Pioneer Woman, and knew that I would have to try it. It really couldn't be easier to make, but be warned - it makes a lot! It tastes every bit as good as good ol' Starbucks...I think I found my new go-to summer drink recipe!
from The Pioneer Woman
1 lb ground coffee (I used a darker roast, per PW's suggestion)
8 quarts cold water
Mix together in a large container and let set for 8+ hours. Strain well - we used a fine-gauge strainer and coffee filters. It's a two-person job and can get a little messy - but be patient, it's worth it!
Chill and mix with ice and milk (or creamer) for each individual serving.

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