Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Delay

Sorry for the delay in posting lately...

Our family has been pretty busy with moving. We love our new house and are still in the process of making it a home. It was completely move in ready - which is a welcomed change for us.
Today I made some cookies as a thank you for our realtor. She was so patient during our search! I was hoping for a friendly blue front door, but it got a little bright. I found my inspiration for these cookies at Bake at 350. Bridget's cookies have a lot more detail, but not bad for my first house cookies!


  1. The house cookie is so appropriate! Can't wait to see some new home pictures!

  2. love the cookie Katie! You are so creative and thoughtful :) Miss you at work...your old boss paid you some compliments on our last's the new gig going?