Friday, April 16, 2010

A Preview...

Tonight is our last night in our house in Groton. Tomorrow we are moving out. Where, you may ask? It gets a little complicated...

We found a great home in Aberdeen, but won't be closing on it for a few weeks. Until then, our 'stuff' is going to a storage unit and we're moving in with my parents. They are graciously taking us in!

It hasn't been too bad packing everything up - we've taken a load of stuff to the storage unit every day. 'Eating down' the fridge and freezer hasn't been too bad either. This week I brought three peach pies to work!
The house we found in Aberdeen is a fixer-upper. But we see a TON of potential. When we sign for the house, hopefully in May, I'll take a lot of photos to show you. And of course I'll update this every step of the way. Until then, I thought I would preview some of the 'lovely' rooms. Seriously, the wallpaper in this house is really something! Enjoy and stay tuned!
(Don't you just love the blue fixtures?!)
(yes, the gold paisley wallpaper is also on the ceiling)
(again, more wallpaper on the walls and ceiling!)


  1. Wallpaper on the ceiling is the best! Maybe that's a trend you can restart? ;)

    Can't wait to watch the progress!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! What a fun new will have some amazing before and after photos with that one. Don't be too hasty in taking the wallpaper down ;) Keep us posted. Leah