Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SD State Fair

(above) Hello from Caroline at the SD State Fair
We just got back from a long weekend at the SD State Fair. Nate and I were there for just a long weekend. Caroline, on the other hand, went last Wednesday with my parents. My family LOVES the State Fair - we've camped in the same location for 27 years and have a great group of friends and family that we look forward to seeing. Needless to say, we had a great time! Caroline really enjoyed herself and seeing everything that there was. She got to ride her first amusement park ride (merry-go-round) and try cotton candy...she loved both!
We enjoyed taking her to the petting zoo too. There were so many types of animals to see - unfortunately Caroline didn't like the puppies, kittens, miniature donkeys, bottle calves, etc. But she did take a liking to the chickens and turkeys. Go figure!
Nate and I enjoyed going to the Wine Pavilion to sample the different types of South Dakota made wines. We really got our eyes opened to some of the delicious wines made right here in South Dakota. It was a very neat booth and something different for the fair.

(above) Caroline is undecided how she feels about this adorable bassett hound puppy. (I really wanted to take it home, but Caroline said, "Bye bye puppy".

(above) Caroline and Papa Don cool off in the beef barn.
(above) Nate standing by a piece of equipment that he thinks we need.
(above) Nate testing out an exercise shaking machine at the State Fair.

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